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        Seize the Moment
        Online 22-24 November

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        Join the UK's highest profile business conference

        Explore how business can transform the economy and seize the moment

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        Be inspired by CEOs who are leading the way

        Hear how government and business can unlock economic potential at the CBI's 2021 Annual Conference

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        Seize the


        How can business transform
        the UK economy?

        Discover a more prosperous UK keyboard_arrow_right

        Dynamic. Competitive. The world’s most future-focused economy. That’s the UK we need to build and we need to act now.

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        It’s time to act

        This is a defining opportunity to reset the UK economy. The UK’s challenges are sharply felt but, to realise our strengths, we need an ambitious vision for the future.

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        What could the future hold?

        A diverse, healthier, greener and more prosperous UK is on the horizon. But how much we can achieve depends on every business playing their part.

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        Join the CBI

        See how you can affect change and unlock growth opportunities for your business with CBI membership.

        • Drive the change you need to see
        • Business intelligence for informed decisions
        • Inspiration for growth
        • Full access to My CBI, the exclusive member website
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        Joining is easy. Every business is welcome. Take the leap forward.

        CBI Members

        Get more from your membership

        Exclusive to CBI members, the My CBI website offers you free and unlimited access to everything the CBI has to offer. Including policy updates, business intelligence, both political and economic, as well as thought provoking ideas to help you grow your business.

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        Unpacking the latest changes in policy

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        Inspiration from business leaders

        Policy Makers

        Understand what business thinks

        As the voice of UK business, we campaign for the changes that deliver prosperity for all. As a policy maker, by working with business you can help drive that change.? Find out more about the issues that matter.??

        CBI responds

        Our campaigns

        Our publications

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